How we came about

We are an Educational Toy and Gift company based in North Lincolnshire. Our products originated from a search for a high quality Times tables puzzle to support our own children. It was obvious to us after a fruitless search that we needed to design our own, Hey Presto! Ahead with Times Tables Floor Puzzle was born. Almost 2 years later our now Award winning Brand is growing with new products continually being developed.

It’s a passion of ours that Children’s Toys and Gifts are made to the highest standard for durability and safety. All of our toys are safety tested and carry the CE Mark. Our puzzles are all hand cut in England and have self-correcting pieces. All of our jigsaws are made using materials from sustainable resources grown in managed forests.

Our Toys and Gifts are designed around a team of 4 Characters that Children will love and be able to enjoy finding Raj, Eddie, Will and Sally embedded in our products.

Our mission is to bring innovation to tried and tested traditional educational resources filling gaps in the market for the public and education sector.


Our resources include a team of characters embedded within the designs who themselves are all individuals that young learners may be able to relate to. Sally, Raj, Will and Eddie add a concept that will be attractive to both children and families.

They will be eventually be animated and be able to support the reciting of times tables and spellings on the website. We hope that you like the idea of the concept. Please do comment and let us know what you think.

Meet the Characters

We have carefully designed our characters for our products!

They are all very interesting, and have a story to tell.

Meet Eddie . . .

Meet Raj . . .

Meet Will . . .

Meet Sally . . .


What our Happy Customers say . . .